Food & Health Conversation

Thai Food in Singapore


Dii dtàw sùk-kà-pâap

(It’s good for your health.)


Mâi dii dtàw sùk-kà-pâap

(It’s not good for your health.)


Khun kuan gin aa-hãan tîi mii bprà-yòot

(You should eat beneficial food.)


Khun kuan gin aa-hãan tîi dii dtàw sùk-kà-pâap

(You should eat food that is good for your health.)


(Khun kuan gin pàk láe põn-là-mãi yúr yúr)
You should eat a lot of vetgetables and fruits.

Author: Khun Kruu Noot, Thai language success coach

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