Thai Language Success Tips by Khun Kruu Noot

Many people told me, they studied #ThaiLanguage before, but they have no one to practice Thai with, so they forgot most of it.

There are millions of Thais and Thai speaking people online, and plenty of applications/websites you can use to chat with people of any language you are learning and the closet person of all, it is you.

You can communicate with you anytime, anywhere and all the time in fact.

Why are we fluent at our own native language or any foreign languages we manage to pick them up?

It’s because we use it often.

Why must we rely on others only to practice the language?

You have you all the time to yourself.

Do you look around you and name the items you see in your environment in the language you are learning? And find out the missing vocabulary that you have not yet learned?

If you are learning Thai, are you keying in your appointment details on your e-calendar in ภาษาไทย? If you don’t know how to spell it, will you look it up in a dictionary?

When you are thinking to yourself in your own head, can you try to think in the language you are learning, even in short sentences, or even in as few words and as often as you can?

For example, you may think “หิวแล้ว hïw láeo (hungry already)” for “I am hungry now.”

It is almost effortless to communicate with yourself in the language you are learning.

FAQ: What if I make mistakes? & Nobody corrects me.

Answer: The best way is to learn from what you see and hear in contemporary Thai movies and use it, it can’t be wrong/too wrong.

And when you need to try to form your own sentences, you will/may some mistakes but that’s ok as it is part of parcles of language learning, we all need to learn from making mistakes.

Your Thai friends are not Thai teachers, they may not always correct your mistakes too.

Just learn it and use it!

Author: Khun Kruu Noot, Thai language success coach

WisePolyglot Thai innovative, creative and proactive, way to learn Thai!

This e-Thai lesson is part of WisePolyglot’s Thai Language Success Program

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