Pronunciation guide on English loaned words in Thai language

สปาเกตตี้ Sà-bpaa-gét-dtîi (spaghetti)

อินเตอร์เน็ท In-dter-nèt (internet)

ไวไฟ Wai-fái (wifi)

โปรโมชั่น Bproo-moo-chân (promotion)

เครดิตการ์ด Kay-dìd gâad (credit card)

คอมพิวเตอร์ Korm-píw-dtêr (computer)

เดอะมอลล์ Dèr maw (The Mall)

เซ็นทรัล Sen-tân (Central)

บีอีเอส Bii-tii-ét (BTS)

ไอศกรีม Ai-sà-griim (Icecreme)

Some tips for pronouncing English loaned words used in Thai language the way Thais do:

I think it all comes down to the understanding that Thai language only has 8 final consonant sounds (-ก g, – ด d, – บ b, – ง ng, – น n, – ม m, – ย y, – ว w) and all pronounced briefly just to close the syllables.

So, all endings like – ch, – s, – t, – k, – p, sh, – f, -ve and ect. won’t be pronounced as clearly as native English speakers do.

English words usually come with only one stress on multiple syllable words, but in Thai language we pronounce each syllable quite equally as the length of pronunciation depends on the vowel length and sounds.

In pronouncing English loaned words in Thai language, we somehow often drag the last syllable a bit longer e. g. May-nay-gêr (manager)

There are probably more pronunciation tips for English loaned words but these are what I can think of right now.

It is still best is to learn by observing and mimicking what native speakers do. A language skill is more like an art, not a science/maths subject that you can always apply formula and equation to it.

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Author: Khun Kruu Noot


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