Thai particles

Thai Particles

ครับ male polite particle

คะ female polite particle (for questions)
ค่ะ female polite particle (for statements)

นะ adding emphasis/acknowledgement seeking particle

ยะ sarcastic particle (for questions), feminine
ย่ะ sarcastic particle (for statements), feminine

วะ impolite/very casual/angry particle (for questions)
ว่ะ impolite/very casual 
(for statements)

ไหม/มั้ย yes-no question particle

หรอ surprised particle

ปะ “or not”particle, shorten from หรือเปล่า

มั้ง guessing particle

สิ/ดิ affirmative/suggestive particle

ล่ะ “what about…?” particle

Thai lesson by Khun Kruu Noot

If I were a learner of Thai language and I would learn one by one from the context.

Some particles are difficult to explain in a few words, but native speakers instinctively know how to use them.

Even if you don’t understand them but you understand other vocabulary in the sentence, you will be fine without knowing them. They are like additional “emoji” in Thai language.


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