How to learn Thai and remember it too?

Q: How to learn Thai and remember it too?

A: It’s only natural that you won’t be able to remember something you don’t use often, so the secret of success is to create opportunities to use what you learn as part of your daily life.

Q: Easier said than done?
But I don’t live in Thailand.

A: Practicing opportunity starts first in your own head. If you can think of what you want to say smoothly in your head, you can speak it fluently too.

The key to success is to learn it and use it daily for a while so you can remember what you learn for life. (You probably will never forget your own native language right?)

Here is how:
Try listening to something in Thai daily, make sure they that are made for native Thai speakers (e.g. from FB watch/YouTube/Netflix/Thai radio/FB posts) and try communicate to what you learn with yourself and to any Thai friends around you/online Thai friends are fine too.

I have tried and tested this learning method myself. I did my best to avoid/minimise usage of my own native language for years when I was learning English in Thailand and that’s how I created my own English speaking environment in Thailand. I started from my own bedroom, nothing in Thai was allowed in my bedroom for years since I started learning English. Now I have managed to get myself careers in Singapore and that’s because my past learning effort has paid off.

Whatever your dreams with Thai language are, you can do it too.


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